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Data-Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing – In a Multi-Channel, Multi-Device World

There’s a question all companies wrestle with: How do we best interact with customers in todays multi-channel, multi-device world? Consumers are demanding; no matter what platform, device or channel they’re using, they expect a consistent brand experience.

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Data-Driven Marketing In a Multi-Channel, Multi-Device World

Companies need to be aware of this and come up with a multi-channel, multi-device strategy that is aligned with all company departments, in real-time.

DATA-DRIVEN MARKETING collects all the information you need to achieve all this and more. For digital marketers looking into the future and beyond; for executives planning the next step for growth; for anyone keeping their thumb on the pulse of the digital world. This book will give you the tools and knowledge you need to successfully adapt to the modern marketing ecosystem, covering:

- The importance of being customer-centric and providing a consistent brand experience
- How to break the shackles that keep your data in isolated silos
- Bridging the gap between offline and online, to increase customer lifetime value
- The legal landscape and issues regarding data and customer privacy
- Valuable lessons from companies pursuing the nirvana of a Single Customer View
- Practical tips on how to start using customer profiles for your marketing

Data-Driven Marketing

ISBN: 9789187905681
Utgivningsdatum: 2016-11-07
Boktyp: Flex

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